Give yourself the home turf advantage with artificial turf installation!

If you’re ready to take home the trophy for worry-free lawn care, it’s time to call your favorite artificial turf installers in Los Angeles.

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Artificial Turf Installation

Wish you could love your lawn again?

If you’re feeling defeated by endless water restrictions and vast, ugly expanses of dead, brown grass, give yourself the home turf advantage with artificial turf installation. To those passing by, synthetic grass looks just like the real thing. And up close, it’s every bit as plush and satisfying.

What it doesn’t need is constant feeding, watering, mowing and aerating. But you can still play football on your artificial turf, and you can still love the way it feels beneath bare feet.
If you’re ready to take home the trophy for worry-free lawn care, it’s time to call your favorite artificial grass installers in Los Angeles.


Artificial Grass Applications

Artificial turf has more uses than most homeowners realize, and it does so much more than just add affordable curb appeal. It can give rooftops and balconies a natural boost, too.

1. Residential

In a residential setting, a good artificial grass installation company can transform your backyard, aging patio, closed-in porch, or rooftop oasis with lush, green, synthetic grass. You won’t have to mow it, and it won’t deplete your home water rations. It requires no regular feeding, no pesticides, no weed control. Essentially, it’s worry-free. We install it, so you can forget it. That is, until you’re ready to enjoy the way it feels beneath your feet and how it transforms the appearance of your yard or patio.

2. Commercial

And if you own or manage a commercial property, such as a playground or dog park, artificial grass installation is a no-effort solution for green grass, year-round. Soft underfoot, it provides cushion for minor falls. It’s so soft, in fact, that it’s a popular medium for applications such as hospital courtyards and preschool play areas. Wherever you desire attractive and care-free expanses of lawn in Los Angeles, artificial turf installation is the ideal solution.


Why Opt for Artificial Turf?

Aside from the fact that it looks great and requires basically no upkeep, you’ll fall in love with synthetic grass for other reasons, too. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of fun facts associated with this easy-care ground and surface cover:

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Fake grass has been used in a surprising number of places, including the Houston Astrodome and the Teen Choice Awards.

Just a single square foot of artificial turf can save homeowners a whopping 55 gallons of water per year.

Synthetic grass requires no gas-powered mowing or trimming, which accounts for roughly 5% of the nation’s carbon emissions.

After artificial turf installation, you’ll have no need to use harsh, carcinogenic pesticides on your lawn.

In ideal conditions, artificial turf can last 15 years or more.

Even your pets can enjoy synthetic grass. Cleanup is as easy as picking up solid waste and allowing liquids to drain through the infill layer.

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Artificial Turf

Conserves Water

Can Choose Height, Pile, and Color

No Aeration Required

No Fertilization Required

Does Not Require Sprinkler System

Requires No Mowing

Real Grass

Uses Water

Appearance Limited to Type of Grass Planted

Requires Intermittent Aeration

Requires Regular Fertilization

Requires Some Type of Irrigation

Must Be Mowed


How Turf Time Can Help With Your Artificial Grass Installation

At Turf Time, we can change the whole appearance of your indoor or outdoor space with the professional installation of artificial turf. Worry no more about dead, dried, and embarrassingly brown lawns, when you trust us to install lush, durable synthetic grass in areas such as:


Highlights of Our Artificial Turf Installation Products

Our products are manufactured to look good for years to come. And there’s no limit to installation design in Los Angeles. Highlights of our artificial grass products include:

Aesthetically pleasing
Offers superior drainage
Made in America

Our artificial turf looks good with minimal maintenance. Simply raking and hosing on occasion is usually all that’s required to keep your artificial turf installation looking good all year long.

Experience the Turf Time Difference

Competitive Pricing

Turf Time is dedicated to giving you a quick and painless estimate that’s based on real square footage. Our prices are highly competitive, and our installers are locally trained and highly dedicated to serving you. Additionally, our products and our work carry explicit warranties, so you’ll always know exactly what’s covered. Last, but far from least, our artificial products are antimicrobial with cool turf technology and a strong blade structure.

Quality customer service

In Los Angeles, we’re a top provider of artificial turf installation. With years of combined experience and a dedication to quality customer service, we’ll transform your tired, depleted lawn, patio, or other surface with fresh, lush synthetic grass. Contact us for more information, or explore our online gallery of finished projects today.


Questions? We have answers!

What artificial turf options are available out there?

Los Angeles homeowners who are interested in artificial turf installation may choose from a variety of fake grass that’s suitable for various projects. These include artificial grass for playgrounds, golf courses, landscape or pet applications. You may choose the color, pile, height, and traffic level of the artificial grass we use in your project. 

How much does artificial turf installation cost?

In Los Angeles, costs for artificial turf installation may vary depending upon the square footage of the project and the complexity of the design you choose. Other factors may impact your final cost, too, including the type of fake grass you select. 

How long does artificial grass last?

Artificial Turf Installation may last between 15 and 25 years when professionally installed and well maintained. 

Which brand is the best?

It’s difficult to choose a single best brand of fake grass, because some products are more suited to certain projects. However, artificial products by TigerTurf and GST are always great investments. 

What to consider before installing artificial grass?

If you’re considering artificial turf installation in Los Angeles, it’s important to choose an installation company with a proven record. You should also weigh the estimated cost of your project against the budget you have available.

How to look for and hire the right turf installation company?

Look for a company that offers clear warranties, that is fully insured, and that provides good communication before and during your project. Ask for references, and read online reviews before choosing your installation professionals. 

What is the difference between artificial turf and artificial grass?

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How to look for and hire the right turf installation company?

Usually, artificial grass is manufactured to mimic real grass. This is the type most homeowners choose for landscape applications. Meanwhile, artificial turf is more suited to sports applications, such as golf greens, football fields, or soccer fields. 

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